For our development team in USA we’re looking for an experienced Backend Developer, who can act in a senior role and as architect on ambitious decoupled solutions, modern e-commerce projects and CMS based solutions.

The role

You will become a part of our development team and you’ll work in agile projects with other developers, UX-specialists and designers. You will play a significant part in defining new projects and also participate in the maintenance of existing solutions. Most of all, you’ll be spending the majority of your time writing code.

With an increasing number of e-commerce projects coming our way, you'll be able to use your previous experience within this field or use this role as a new technical adventure - we know you're up for it.

As an experienced developer we expect you to be able to integrate various API based products in our solutions and to be able to engage in constructive dialogue about the architecture of our projects.

You will act as an important teammate for other experienced developers as well as for fresh graduates. At the same time, you are capable of grasping and understanding the client’s digital business in order to make technical decisions based on what brings value to the table.

How we work

We keep an open mind when it comes to new technologies and we work with a tech stack which we continuously seek to expand and modernise. We do so in order to meet the client’s needs as well as the general technological development with cloud solutions, micro services, decoupled systems, etc. And naturally, we also use and enjoy Open Source.

Adapt has more than 20 years of experience and originally began with a Perl-based backend. Since then, we have made steps to include PHP-based frameworks from Drupal, Wordpress, Symfony and Laravel. At the moment, we’re of course quite interested in the usage of headless and decoupled systems. Other technologies include node.js and Rust.

We are 25 developers who are writing code for the small, large and very large projects that we work on every day. These include self-service solutions, advanced e-commerce, apps, CMS, funnels and widgets. Meanwhile, we make sure to create and maintain an inspiring, professional and relaxed working environment, with room for professional meetings as well as cake committees, a midday run or clinking beers on fridays.

About you

Reading this, you might have noticed that our tech stack is ever changing. We don’t have a set of requirements as to what we are expecting of you within specific technologies. But, we do expect that you have the courage to continue down the path we have paved. This means being able to further develop the solutions we already have going for us, but also being keen on trying out new technologies and having the urge to take them for a spin. That way we can expand our tool box and become better at knowing which tool to pick up for coming projects, whether it be the screwdriver, hammer or pliers. Therefore, you are probably comfortable with much in the list below or maybe you can surprise us!

We are looking for someone who has experience with:

  • Laravel and/or other PHP frameworks
  • Modern e-commerce such as BigCommerce or CommerceTools
  • Git
  • GraphQL and/or REST API
  • Relational databases
  • Micro Service architecture
  • E-commerce solutions
  • PHP CMS frameworks such as Statamic, Drupal or Wordpress

You get bonus points if you have dabbled with:

  • GitOps
  • Go and/or Rust
  • Frontend frameworks such as React and Vue
  • Creating multilingual and multisite CMS installations
  • The Jamstack architecture

We envision you having previous experience from a similar position, but do not hold your horses if you find the position intriguing!

About us

Here at Adapt, we’re at the forefront of digital development. Our many years of experience in creating and improving digital solutions for our clients has made us into the people we are; a strong team of around 140 competent professionals who, on top of that, are an incredibly caring bunch. We encourage both personal and professional development which is why we also always have a number of students and/or apprentices working and improving their skills in our offices. We have several locations around the globe, from Copenhagen to Vilinius.

We value our collaboration with our clients highly, we put a lot of trust in each other, and we purposely work together to keep up all the good we stand for.